This type of present  could be a  hidden  dream  for every male.

Feel interested ? Wanna offer  this opportunity for  friends of Yours? We gave you chance to do that. Do  a  exciting and unique present for Your  friend’s  birthday, which he  will remember  even in old age and which bring  nostalgic smile to him lips. This present  is first of all for males  but all ladys, who wanna explore something adventurial and new, are welcome.

We offer  unique and excotical party program, which up  all our  wild instincts and which  simulate our guests minds in sensual way. Our party program inject  to all our  guests a new power for living, which we support  with different showprograms and drinks.

Our   area is secure and discrete.  We follow principle: „ What happends in Vegas, stays in Vegas“.

We offer:

  1. FREE transfer  from  client location to partyplace
  2. Entering is only 10 euro per person (for  club members Enter is FREE)
  3. Bar  with    excellent  choice of  quality drinks, prices starts  from 4 euro.
  4. Partytime is 22:00-06:00, but   according  a client wish in  big  company, we  could continue  party without  extraprice.
  5. All shows  prices,  included into partyprogram, listed in general club’s pricelist.

Every show  here i unique and exclusive. For  get more details,  call  us!

List of shows avaiable for order:

  1. Shower show – sensual  goddesses, water,  amasing striptease, which help you  forgot all  everydaytroubles and take you to Paradise garden. NB! Shower show is  only  show i list, which include  full striptease.
  2. Lesbian show – goddesses filled with erotic and sensuality, who able to spark even coldest minds. Music, atmosphere  and  women beauty  gave a full enjoyiment  to all, who  watching this program.
  3. BDSM show – Control, domination, power, latex  and whip.  Those  only  few of  words for characterise  this show. All show out of everyday borders. We invade so deep into Your uncounsious and  we  can assure, that  you will  remember this show  all future life. If that’s not enought, client can order  a private show, which  cross all  borders inside imagination. Our missioon is offer   a  passionate and dynamical show,  which stays  on mind for a long.
  4. Fireshow – Fire is  dangerous but in same time passionate and live. This last sentence is characterize in best  way  this show.  A  goddess artist, with fire and striptease,  make  You feel  full of adrenaline.
  5. Snakeshow – Wild and  primal snake with  soft and  passionate  female. Exciting but  dangerous in samet ime. Come here  and  enjoy with us a show, where is mixed   wild beauty with beast and  dangerous.

Still in suspections? Leave  your  data and we will  contact you, for  discuss in details.




Tallinn - Tartu mnt. 29 - Open from 22.00  Monday to Sunday  +372 666 9 666